About us

I inherited the love for horses from my grandfather, and already from an early age I devoted a great deal of time to horses.In 1977 I had the opportunity to buy two beautiful Lipizzan mares from Hungary by chance:

Inci-107 und Csillag-3. Inci-107 and Csillag-3. A few years later we bought "Conversana Traga" (Duke), it was the first licensed stallion in whole Germany, that was the go-ahead for breeding. At this time, exactly on 11. 11. 1978, some enthusiasts decided to found an organization called "Lipizzaner Zuchtverein Deutchland e.v.", finally it was brought into being on 30. 08. 1979 (Lipizzan breeding organization Germany). The name was changed in 1983 into "Lipizzaner Zuchtverband Deutschland" of which I have been the chairman for ten years. After the split of our organization most of the members decided (including me) to join the "Verband der züchter der Spezialrassenpferde in Bayern e.V." (an organization of breeders of special breed of horse) of which I am the chairman too.

Until 30th of June I was although the "race speaker"

The foundation paper for "LIF=Lipizzan International Federation" bears my signature.

Starting from January 2002 on I was selectet as Secretary-General from Internationale-Lipizzaner-Union, A-1025 Wien.

On the general assembly of the ÖLU on 13 January 2007 I was unanimously elected as a member of the advisery board. On the basis of my good connections to all European Lipizzan stud farms I could help you with the for free buying of a Lipizzan (I am not a commercial horse dealer!).

As of the 2.September 2012 I resigned from my duty as General Secretary at the International Lipizzaner Union.