Prestigious Award for Horse Breeder from Hilpertshausen, Germany

The Lipizzaner breeder Peter Lewandowsky was honored for his humanitarian achievements and services during the war in Croatia in 1992, where well over 100,000.- Deutsche Mark in funds and goods were collected, not only for the support of the State Lipizzaner breed, but also for the benefit of the local kindergarten. For his services Mr. Lewandowsky received the Austrian Humanitarian Ferdinandus Medal of 1591.

Peter Lewandowsky was furthermore honored for his tireless services by being appointed State Representative for Bavaria in the rank of Colonel and was awarded the renowned Officers Cross.

The award was made by the Senior General Commerce Secretary Ernst Kugler-Pethestorff, in Austria on June 11, 2005. Professor Dr. Jaromir Oulehla was the most prominent predecessor to be honored with this high award five years ago.


Hofrat Univ. Doz. Dr.
Jaromir Oulehla

Ehemals Leiter der spanischen Hofreitschule und des Bundesgestütes Piber
Peter Lewandowsky

Generalsekretär Internationale Lipizzaner Union Sitz Wien

Arthur Kottas Heldenberg

Ehemals 1. Oberbereiter der Spanischen Hofreitschschule Wien